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I am proud to introduce to you an exciting new device E-Z Focus.  This was designed to help everyone, including those with ADD, Dyslexia, Autism and other Learning Disabilities to read better and faster.  E-Z Focus is a simple device, to decrease distractions and the anxiety that many people experience while trying to read.

E-Z Focus is specifically designed to eliminate distractions in reading by creating boundaries on the written page, which highlight one line of text only.  This is a noticeable improvement over standard practice of sliding a piece of paper down the page, which does not eliminate the distractions of the previous text.  E-Z Focus also comes with a slide rule to allow persons to highlight one word of text at a time if needed.  E-Z Focus unit comes with four color slides to improve concentration and increase immediate and remote recall of the information read.

E-Z Focus is completely portable, lightweight, and inexpensive.  Why pay thousands of dollars for computers, and software, when you can purchase your own E-Z Focus for $19.95 per device.

E-Z focus was developed by Thomas J. Carder, MA, LSW, LMHC.  He is in private practice working as a therapist.  Mr. Carder specializes in mental health and addictions and has  done several years of research within the field of learning disabilities.

" It has always been my focus to help people find solutions with their learning difficulties."  " Yet such solutions must be emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually affordable."  " Your skills can be significantly improved through the revolutionary techniques of this reading device." 

Our Mission

Is to supply quality E-Z Focus to all 
people who need assistance in reading 
for focus and comprehension.                      


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If you are interested in further information about E-Z Focus, or would like to order one for someone you know who has difficulty with reading, please contact our marketing department at:

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