Discovering the Lost Key

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Many people are at an area in their lives where they seem to have lost their motivation and instead are simply moving from one day to the next. This site offers each individual the means to find and reclaim their true self. This self focuses on the individuals true gifts that were designed to give everyone endurance, happiness, courage and hope in life. However, this healing cannot be complete unless the individual is able and willing to bring back their natural born abilities. This site allows those gifts to be made available to the World, to those who desire to belong and become complete again.

The Focus of finding the Lost Key is Creativity

Creativity is defined as how each individual uses their natural born abilities. It is how each individual rediscovers their true self. To explore the potential within each human being to help heal and enhance the abilities within so that they can obtain balance of mind, body and soul.

What are the gifts to which we refer:

Inventive Thinking
The list of Gifts will never end.

What caused us to abandon our Amazing Gifts:

Through the invasion of the life's issues which take away our motivation to believe in our self, and damage that believe our self, others and God (as we understand God). The invasion of life effects individuals in many different ways: loss of loved ones, failure with a career choice, divorce, failed relationships, betrayal, rejection, abandonment and much more. Those factors lead can lead to long-term conditions such as: depression, anxiety, resentment, paranoia, low self-worth, doubt, feelings of inadequacy, loss of motivation, loss of awareness, low achievement, and much more. However, this often begins early in life. When our personality is being formed, so are our beliefs. If the invasion of life is too toxic, our person starts to break down and forces us to use those defense mechanisms (emergency coping skills) as an attempt to deal with the invasion. Unfortunately, those defenses can only be activated if there is trauma where the defensive skills are needed to protect the elements of life. These tools allow survival to exist yet at the same time can cause our gifts to also be abandoned. It is my belief that our gifts were the ingredients which helped form and enhance the ability to cope with trauma.

We do not lose our gifts, rather we simply displace them within areas of uncertainty leaves our person feeling and believing in hopelessness. The hope we can give is the opportunity to rediscover those abilities which make us who we are, so that life can once again become balanced and complete. We are spiritual beings who develop spiritual diseases which lead to learned helplessness; a feeling of complete and utter dis pair and abandonment of our true selves.Healing Tree

How do you find the Lost Key to healing:

There are nine stages to the healing process:


To view a Power Point slide show of the nine stages click here: Nine Stages Slide Show

Mr. Carder has created a number of items which help an individual to understand the process of healing. Several examples are listed below:

The Healing Dragon Healing Dragon

The Healing Rose Healing Rose

Child Focused Play Therapy:

Office Office 2

Mr. Carder also works with children. His speciality is focusing on helping those with the following conditions:

Autism / Asperger's / Pervasive Disorders
Conduct / Anger Issues
Family Therapy including Couples Counseling

Mr. Carder has developed a large number of play therapy tools including how to "recycle ones anger" and other issues of inadequacy when dealing with something new. It is Mr. Carder's theory that every child can change the way they deal with life by recycling the energy being wasted with anger and turning that energy in a different way. Simply by using the stages of healing a child can obtain the needed skills to heal.