What E-Z Focus is Known to Support

The Shape of the Device has been specifically designed to:

  1.  Helps to improve concentration.
  2.  Helps to improve confidence.
  3.  Helps to improve comprehension.
  4.  Helps to improve motivation.
  5.  Helps to improve focus.
  6.  Room light is forced into the reading area of the viewer.

The Color of the Device and the Inserts was specifically formulated to be eye pleasing:

  1.  The gray color of the device helps the reader to focus on the reading window.  It may also decrease sensory problems.
  2.  Gray helps to separate the other features of the device.  It keeps the reader focused on the reading material.

The Device has been specifically for reading designed based upon:
  1.  The need for focus.
  2.  The need for assistance in concentration.
  3.  Self-awareness of one's strengths and limitations to reading.
  4.  Capturing the line you are reading thus preventing distractions.
  5.  Creating boundaries to prevent issues of encoding and decoding.
  6.  Improving attention.
  7.  Improving cognitive (thinking) skills.
  8.  Increasing the maximum reading potential.
  9.  Helps to encourage good reading posture.  Simply use on a flat surface, such as a desk or kitchen table for best posture.
10.  Encourages the reader to use appropriate lighting.  When in the appropriate posture with room light directly behind or above the reader, the viewers reading window.
11.  Increases reading accuracy.
12.  Increases reading speed.
13.  Increases self-worth as it relates to learning/academics.
14.  Feels comfortable when reading.
15.  Tends to relax you when you read.
16.  Helps to decrease boredom to reading.
17.  Makes reading fun.

The slide Rule:
  1.  Helps the reader to read only one word at a time.  This then prevents the reader from being so impulsive, frustrated, and improves concentration and comprehension.
  2.  Increases confidence.
  3.  Helps to decrease the false beliefs, "I can't do this" or "I can't read" or "I can never learn."
  4.  Helps with fine and gross motor skills, simply by holding the device and moving the slide rule.

Discover what E-Z Focus can do for you.  Whether you struggle with focusing, comprehension, or simply want to improve your reading speed, we urge you to try this device.  Use it 30 minutes a day for two weeks.  We believe the techniques that Mr. Carder has built into this device will add to your confidence, self-worth, comprehension, concentration and will change your view toward reading forever.

If you have additional questions about E-Z Focus, or simply about Learning Disorders, please feel free to email Mr. Carder through Marketing Department or his personal e-mail (private practice with Reaching Out Counseling, LLC) at cardercounselor1@aol.com and he will be happy to answer your questions.

Soon to come:

1.  Counseling information line regarding:
    a. ADD
    b. ADHD
    c. Dyslexia
    d. And/or other LD issues.
2.  Information packets regarding the above mentioned conditions.
3.  Other LD Tools and support services.

NOTE:  When you purchase E-Z Focus with a credit card, please note that both E-Z Focus and Mr. Carder's private practice (Reaching Out Counseling) are within the same office and use the same credit card processing equipment.



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