Josh (age 16):  "I read the Bible for the first time ever...The device helps me to focus on reading and helps me to read without distractions."

Kaleb (age 13):  When I first started having trouble with my reading, I felt dumb...E-Z Focus became a tool that helped me feel better about myself...Thank you for helping me believe in myself."

Thomas (age 41):  All my life I struggled with learning disorders...My teachers told me that I would never make it in the academic world...This only motivated me to search for answers...After years of searching, I finally found something that works...No medications, no embarrassing moments while reading or taking tests...This thing really works...I can take it any place and not feel uncomfortable to use it."

Dr. M (Psychologist):  "This simple device has been great in my practice with children...I have even bought one for my niece who struggles with reading due to dyslexia."

Lee (age 43):  I have attempted to work in my own business for several years, but I just couldn't focus on written materials...This device has helped me to read so much better that I am excited about reading and remember all that I have read."

John (age 11):  After taking this thing to school, I first thought people would make fun of me...Now they all want one...My parents say they have their son back."

Dr. G (Psychiatrist):  What a great idea!  This device combines several ideas into one simple device...Is great with ADHD persons."

Dave (age 34):  My wife thought I could use this device with my reading problems...I thought she was wasting her money...Now both I and my son use this...Our reading skills, confidence and speed have increased...Now I am telling others about this."

Christian (age 13):  Mr. Carder has really helped me to read better and I feel I am smarter and I remember lots more." (His Father says): "We have seen multiple changes in our son since he started using the device...He now reads all the time."

Sarah (age 7):  "Thank you Tom for helping me feel better and read better...I am doing better at school now that I read better."

Ron (Therapist):  "I like this device so much that I invested several thousand into the building of it...I had encouraged Mr. Carder for 10 years to put his ideas into learning devices...He finally took my advice and many are receiving help."

Dr. N (Marriage and Family Therapist / Graduate Professor):  This idea is wonderful...Mr. Carder offers a brilliant approach to working with the learning impaired...He is helping many with his ideas."

Ron (Local Investor):  I think this idea can go somewhere...The ideas have already helped my autistic son."

Glenn (age 39):  I thought I was just dumb...Now I feel like reading all the time...I have bought several for my friends."

Cynthia (age   ):  I am a little biased, since this is my husbands invention.  He invented it to help himself get through Graduate School.  He was able to triple his reading speed and improve his confidence.  He has worked on the techniques throughout the 15 years I have known him.  I truly believe in what he is doing."


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