Discovering the Lost Key:
Unlocking Your Natural Born Gifts to Bring Healing

The purpose of this agency and website is to bring about change within the Mental Health Field. Mr. Carder, the founder of this agency, has spent 20 years within the field of mental health and addictions. He has experienced his share of trauma, which motivated him to find his own personal healing, lessons learned, education and experience to help others who desire the same outcome.

Discovering the Lost Key will help you understand your gifts, how they were misplaced and how to rediscover your true self again. The book is now available from Lulu Publishing.

Introduction to Discovering the Lost Key: Book Cover

DISCOVERING THE LOST KEY: Unlocking your natural born gifts to bring healing. 

This book is about finding simple solutions to difficult problems.  It is designed to utilize and reveal our inner most strength, which I call, natural born gifts.  How to use those gifts to help us find answers to many of our obvious and subtle struggles.  Many use their creativity to hide, and others use their creativity to explore their world, journey and make their lives more interesting.  It is my hope that this book will be used to help you discover your own missing key, that which holds the answers, which have been buried within your subconscious self.  To reveal true healing, by reuniting to your true self, the inner child who was first given gifts to aid throughout life.

This genesis of this book had begun following the tragic death of my brother Glenn, and openly shares the secrets that lead us to either our blessings, or our suffering.  Yet it is a book that will provide you with answers to your emotional battles, and hopefully allow you to rediscover your true potential, your true gifts.  

This book did arrive through years of suffering, yet through my own personal pain, I was able, through the grace of my God, given the ability to discover my own personal lost key.  The key which helped me to unlock true potential, grace, forgiveness, self-respect, integrity, enjoyment for life, and most of all, true healing.  Please allow this book to help you discovery the wonderful and beautiful true you.

The book will allow you see the beginning of your life.  The causes, the effects and the results of where you are today, yet will then take you on a journey where you will find the healing answers. It is not designed to replace that which you are already utilizing, such your therapist, counselor, minister, doctor, or other supports.

I first ask that you begin this journey where it first began, at your conception.  Then we grow to understand miracle of our gifts.  Next you begin to learn about life being an instruction manual and the how to find that missing keys of our life.  Now you begin to learn how to use that key.  From there this book will touch on just about every emotional issue that affects our existence, in hope that the reader will discover something new in their life, or rediscover what you thought was lost forever.  The book will only help if you are willing to examine yourself.  And once you have found what you were looking for, then the book will end with something I call the beginning of the end. In other words, finding the wonderful and true self, is what I call, the essence of time. 

So please be patient and wait for what I hope will be an answer to your prayers. 

Never give up and never give in to the words problems………..

To order a copy of Discovering The Lost Key, follow the link to Lulu Publishing.