How to use e-z focus:

1.  Pop in the color of your choice into the viewer of the device.
2.  Place this on the material you are reading.  Be sure that you are within adequate lighting.  For best results, have lighting directly behind you or above where you are reading.  Florescent lighting is the best. 
3.  The closed back device is used for those who need to read setting up, at a table or desk.  Please note:  research has proven that one retains more of  what they read when setting up.  However, if you are one to read laying down, then the open back device is the one you will need. 
4.  Once you are in a comfortable position, and hopefully without distractions, you simply place the device on the text your reading.  Begin to read the line that the room light will illuminate in the viewing window.  Note:  This device is 6 inches in width, which is the average page of a book. Furthermore, to read a book with wider margins could effect the attention span of most persons with LD, and or ADD issues. 
5.  Then simply move down the page at the speed your most comfortable in reading.  Be sure not to rush yourself, or to expect perfect results on the first try.
6.  For best results please use this device no less then 30 minutes per day.  Results will very depending on your amount of use.
7.  Note:  Can also use the window for outlining something.  Simply use a thin tipped outliner in the window and color what you want to reference to later.
8.  Many other uses for the device will be revealed at a later date.

Slide rule: 
1.  This is for those who have trouble keeping their attention on the words, and being able to read from left to right.  This is a very common problem for those with ADD and / or Dyslexia.  Simply place the gray slide rule over the viewer, and color slide of your choice.  You can use your right thumb to slide this tool, or grab onto the curved end and move it across the words your reading. 
2.  Move this at your own pace, and speed.  The faster you move  this, the faster you will  read.  Be sure that you move this at a pace and speed that is most comfortable.  Never rush yourself, out of frustration.
Note: If the device slides slowly at first, remember that this will eventually begin to slide easier as it is used.
3.  Can also use the slide rule for underlining things.
4.  Or some persons simply want to take a break from the device and use the slide rule as a pointing device.
5.  Many other uses for the slide rule will be revealed at a later date.

1.  Place the device on to what you are reading, and you will find that the shape is comfortable due to the rest pad on the front.  There you will place your left hand to the left side, as you see it being used on the web page.  And then place your right hand on the lower right side, again as seen being used on the web site.
2.  The gray color is used to prevent distractions and to help with optimal focus. 
3.  The darker gray cloth is used to help your fingers to stay on the device, for those who simply choose to move the device down the book.
4.  Note:  the two ball bearings are built into the bottom of the device and move with ease down the page.
5.  Much more about these features will be revealed at a later date.



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